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Aboriginal Patient Reported Outcome Measures – What are rural and remote perspectives?

From Dr Mark J Lock (Ngiyampaa nation), Aboriginal Co-Chair (Aboriginal Health Working Group – Patient Reported Measures, NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation) What do you think a Patient Reported Outcomes Measure can do to ensure that rural and remote Aboriginal people receive culturally safe care? Cultural voices need to be heard I know that Aboriginal […]

Author Cultural Identity Matters

The concept of introducing cultural identity as a component of an author’s credentials could be a meaningful action to acknowledge and respect Indigenous authors involved in rural health research and manuscripts.

Cultural Safety Journal Articles

I research and write about cultural safety because I agree with its four philosophical ramparts of reflexivity, cultural, power, and identity. See my recent publication ‘Cultural Safety and Child Protection Responses in Hospitals: A Scoping Review‘ as an example. I keep up-to-date with current research about cultural safety and First Nations Australians through academic database […]

Welcome to cultural safety editing

What’s cultural safety have to do with editing? Editing is a relational process between the author and the editor and many other people – it’s more than grammar and technical editing. It’s respecting your cultural voice in decisions about language use, document structure, writing style, and grammar. I argue that including your cultural values at […]

Education Qualifications – Scientific Rigour

I bring scientific rigour to editing and cultural safety. Rigour in the sense used here is “strictness” in the development and application of scientific research. It means that every aspect of the research must be justified, verified, and replified (my word! from replication). My research needs to go the “nth” degree, to be the “fine-tooth […]

Cultural Qualifications – Cultural Rigour

As the Chief Editor of Cultural Safety Editing Service, I will respect your cultural voice. So what does that mean? “Your cultural voice is the resonance of your cultural values in writing. It demarcates space in the literary landscape so that your “human cultural values” become visible instead of being dissolved within the sameness of […]

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