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Ngiyampaa – First Nations Australian

I am a descendent of the Ngiyampaa people (a tribe of First Nations Australians), English and Scottish Convicts on the First Fleet (the Lucas Clan), Latvian immigrants, and Australian free colonists. My grandmother, Marjorie Woodrow (1926-2016), encouraged me to become educated and make changes for First Nations Australians, as I wrote in an award-winning article for the Medical Journal of Australia’s Dr Ross Ingram Memorial Prize. I was born in 1969 in Dubbo on Wiradjuri Country. I’m a 52 year old house husband with two kids, an awesome inspiring wife, and four dogs.

Nan (Marjorie Woodrow) on the far left, former Premier of NSW Mr Robert Carr (next to Nan holder her book), former Premier of NSW Mr Barrie Unsworth, and Ms Diane Decker (far right) who wrote “Long Time Coming Home” with Nan. This picture is from 2001 (Nan passed away in 2016).

I think about the power of editing and writing in creating meaning that counteracts oppression, marginalisation, discrimination, and cultural danger. Your cultural values should not be diminished, demeaned, and devalued through editing and writing. Therefore, as your editor, we develop a culturally safe relationship where I will work to empower your cultural voice. Email:

We are the dream of our ancestors

Evelyn Araluen (Bundjalung) woman: )

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