Identifying Indigenous Authors in Research Publications

Indigenous authors can be visible in research journal articles by including their Cultural Identity (First Nation) in the byline.

Indigenous author identity – Mark Lock (Ngiyampaa)

‘The Australian Journal of Rural Health (AJRH) is collaborating with the open-access journal, Rural and Remote Health (RRH) and the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine (CJRM) to advance the inclusivity and profile of Indigenous authors and communities engaged in rural health research.

The three journals have published a joint declaration, Position Statement: Research and Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples in Rural Health Journals, written by their respective Editors and Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars, which commits the journals to, “publish nothing about Indigenous People, without Indigenous People”. From:

(Abridged text) It’s time to plant a flag in the White soil of academic journal publishing and declare, ‘This discourse includes the cultural voices of Indigenous Peoples’. Indigenous Peoples are almost invisible as academic authors in rural health journals. This research colonialism reflects a power imbalance that must end. Read more in:

Australian Journal of Rural Health

Canadian Journal of Rural Health

Rural and Remote Health

Seeing my Aboriginal cultural identity at Mutawintji National Park (May 2022, Photo by Mark Lock)

Identifying Indigenous Authors in Research Publications Aboriginal (Ngiyampaa) Academic Editor

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I apply my academic and cultural skills to editing your important writing. With a Doctor of Philosophy (Public Health), Master of Public Health, Honours in Nutrition, and a Bachelor of Science, I bring strong educational skills to my editing. As a First Nations Australia (Ngiyampaa), with First Fleet heritage (The Lucas Clan) and growing up in country NSW, I bring a unique cultural lens to my practice. My editing will empower your cultural safety - respecting your cultural identity, heritage, and values - so that your cultural voice shines through in your writing. If you need editing of your creative writing, academic writing, or report writing, then contact Cultural Safety Editing Service.

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