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What’s cultural safety have to do with editing?

Cultural safety is when you are not diminished, demeaned or disempowered in writing, language, and discourse. Your cultural identity should be reflected, respected and empowered through the editing process.

Editing is a relational process between the author and the editor and many other people – it’s more than grammar and technical editing. It’s respecting your cultural voice in decisions about language use, document structure, writing style, and grammar.

As an editor, I will ensure your cultural voice is respected and valued.

I argue that including your cultural values at every point and in every pathway of editing is necessary so that the power of your voice shines through your published writing.

My educational qualifications — Bachelor of Science, Master of Public Health, and Doctor of Philosophy — mean that I provide rigour and academic quality to my editing process. My cultural qualifications — First Nations Australia, British Convict, Latvian Immigrant, and Scottish Free Settler — mean that I bring multiple cultural views to our editing relationship. I also practice what I teach as shown in my cultural safety publications (see ORCID ID).

By drlockediting

I apply my academic and cultural skills to editing your important writing. With a Doctor of Philosophy (Public Health), Master of Public Health, Honours in Nutrition, and a Bachelor of Science, I bring strong educational skills to my editing. As a First Nations Australia (Ngiyampaa), with First Fleet heritage (The Lucas Clan) and growing up in country NSW, I bring a unique cultural lens to my practice. My editing will empower your cultural safety - respecting your cultural identity, heritage, and values - so that your cultural voice shines through in your writing. If you need editing of your creative writing, academic writing, or report writing, then contact Cultural Safety Editing Service.

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